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    Automotive Logo Design

    Custom automotive logo design from just $110

    Need a logo design that’ll help you stand out in the automotive market? List your logo design project on 110Designs, and choose from dozens of logo designs created just for you by our global designer community.

    • Tell us what you want in your ideal logo.
    • Dozens of designers submit logo designs for you to review.
    • Work with specialist automotive logo designers right on site.
    • Only pay for the logo you like best.

    How logo design contests work

    Compile your design brief

    Outline what you need to our designers and what prize money you're offering.

    Review & provide feedback

    Review concepts as they come in and provide feedback to the designers.

    Pick a winning design!

    Award your favorite design the winner and receive the final design work files.
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    What our customers say about their logo designs

    logo design

    It's an awesome idea getting multiple designers to compete for your logo.

    Harvey Moore

    Paid $145 for 39 concepts.

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    logo design

    We were amazed by the number and quality of the designs submitted.

    Ralph Mauzy

    Paid $160 for 73 concepts.

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    logo design

    It was great to have so many creative brains working on my logo design!

    Jasper Ah Mouy

    Paid $150 for 138 concepts

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    Features of automotive logos

    If you happen to be in the automotive industry, it’s important that you have a distinctive automotive logo that can act as a brand image for your company. On close observation, you will see that businesses dealing in the automotive industry have unique automotive logos that gradually become a brand that people recognize and relate to. If you decide to get an automotive logo design for the business, then there are three key elements that you need to be aware of, that can skillfully convey your company’s message to the potential customers.

    Choice of color

    Automotive logos do not demand colorful images. Because it is a mechanical industry, people prefer using very basic colors such as blue, grey, black and dark red. These colors represent strength, agility and durability, coupled with classic elegance, components required from a vehicle. Majority of automotive logos use single colors for their graphical images. Multiple colors are used when there are at least two graphical images; which is seldom the case, as that would cluster up the logo design.

    Fonts and writing styles

    The text used is often bold, capitalized and given shades that represents speed and dexterity. Every business has its own purpose and therefore the text should be well designed.

    Nature of Graphics

    The majority of automotive logos used have very simple and basic images. None of them are very flashy, colorful or heavily graphical. Car industry related components such as car wheels, car engines or they symbol of a car are used metaphorically in the logo designs. Most of the time people prefer the typical vector image of a car outline for an automotive logo design. However, because this method has been used extensively, you can discuss creative elements with the logo designer and come up with various creative automotive logos.

    Keeping these basic elements in mind will help you in creating a good automotive logo design.

    This really is a risk-free, fast and easy way to get yourself a new, custom-made logo design at a fantastic price!

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